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Dublin Mobile Locksmith provides commercial locksmith service, using by highest quality products and best technicians in the industry. Our specialists have the best knowledge with commercial needs such as building codes ,mechanisms and door locks change.

We provide our customers a same day service, 24 hour a day, 7 day a week including holidays. We promise top-level customer service as well as affordable service call fee. Dublin Mobile Locksmith also offers the most comprehensive security solutions for all businesses in the Columbus Oh area for corporate offices, buildings, store fronts or factories. Get in touch with us to get a free quote or  for any other question.

Commercial Locksmith for your business

Lever Handles Security Hardware

Commercial lever handles built different way from a standard door locks and have 2 kind of grades. Commercial lever handle use up to 12 years and design especially as for daily high use.

  • Grade 2- find used specifically for offices space, restaurant, apartment buildings and interior commercial property.
  • Grade 1- mostly used as a exterior building hospital hotel/motel and warehouse together with lifetime warranty for new cylinder.
  • Privacy Locks – Not operated by a key and usually use as a restroom locks
  • Storm Locks- Can open only with a key, usually use on back doors and servers rooms.

We always on stock for the most brands such as Schlage, Kwikset, Kaba as other locks brands.

Commercial Locksmith Dublin Ohio

Commercial Locksmith and IC Cores Near Me – Ohio 

Business owner as much as store manager always need to be ready for having locks cylinder replace. With no needs taking locks a parts,  we have option to switch locks in any event by using IC Cores. This locks operate with controller keys, keeping option to replacing locks in event of firing employee holding store key.

Advantages: keeping you needless of commercial locksmith visit for changing locks, most of time helps with emergency calls. what is more convenient  not to mention the money you can save.

Reinforces and Safe Plate

Reinforces use much less as a bodyguard for your door in case of extra room between door and frame. This product help to protect it particularly, by adding a metal side plate to cover this space.

Usually good for back doors that using side latch locks knobs and deadbolts and will give you additionally protect from breaking into. Not only for improve your security but also helps to cover scratch and holes on a old doors as well.

We are proud to offer our commercial locksmith customers services that include:

      • Office Safes Unlock and Repair
      • Door Bars for Storefronts
      • Lock Changes
      • Master Lock
      • Repair Lock After a Break In
      • Mailboxes
      • Magnetic Locks
      • Commercial Door Locks
      • Office Key Replacement/Duplication
      • Security Upgrades
      • Safe Deposit Boxes
      • File Cabinet Key Replacement
      • Building New Lock Installation
      • Commercial locksmith inspection

Save our phone number and have it ready for any emergency, 614-591-4727, we are here to help solve your commercial lock and key needs.

Commercial Locksmith
  • Commercial Locksmith
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