Residents in Dublin and beyond depend on reliable locks to secure their homes and businesses. But to be sure your building is truly safe from unwanted intrusion, it’s a good idea to have your locks rekeyed occasionally. Though it may sound complicated, rekeying is a relatively simple task that offers peace of mind and a good value versus changing out an entire lock in most circumstances.

What is rekeying a lock?

Unlike simply changing out your existing lock for a new one, the process of rekeying involves adjusting the pins inside the lock. As the name suggests, a rekeyed lock will no longer work with the existing set of keys, and new keys will have to be made.

When should you re-key your lock?

  • When you lose your keys. When your keys go missing, the security of your lock is thrown into question. Even if they eventually turn up, someone could have copied your keys during the time they were unaccounted for. If your keys were out of your possession for a long period of time or if they go missing and you never manage to recover them, re-keying will help ensure your lock’s continued security.
  • You suspect someone has copied your key. There are many situations in which you might offer someone a copy of your key. Maybe you lend a spare key to a neighbor to water your plants while you’re out of town, or perhaps you have one made for your dogwalker. Close friends and family may have their own copies. Eventually, it could become hard to keep track of who exactly has a copy of your key—or what they could be doing with it. What’s more, anyone who had access to your key at any time could have taken the opportunity to make an unauthorized copy. If you’re unsure of just how many copies of your key are floating around, it may be time to rekey.
  • Your locks are outdated. One advantage of rekeying is a chance to update an existing lock. Older locks feature fewer pins than their modern counterparts, affording less security. Rekeying can increase the number of pins in your lock, boosting its effectiveness without the hassle and expense of changing the whole lock.
  • When you move. When occupying a new residence or business space, one of the first steps you should take for security is to have the locks rekeyed. There’s simply no way to know who had copies of the key prior to your arriving, and there’s no guarantee that the former owner handed over every copy. Even in new-build construction, there’s a small chance that someone with bad intentions could have gained access to your keys before you took possession of the space. To be sure you’re in control of who can access your property, rekey your new locks immediately.

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