News reports across the nation have highlighted the recent troubling increase in the number of vehicle break-ins and thefts. While certain makes and models are more susceptible to attack, any car, truck, or SUV that is left unattended becomes a tempting target for thieves.

Having your vehicle stolen can be a major disruption to your way of life. Dealing with police reports, insurance claims, and finding a new mode of transportation are just a few of the frustrations faced by those in this unfortunate circumstance. Don’t become a victim of vehicle theft. A few simple preventative measures can protect your car or truck and save you the headaches that come with having your vehicle stolen. Use the tips below to keep your wheels safe and sound.

Keep doors locked and valuables out of sight

Keeping your car safe starts with common sense. Be sure to lock all doors and keep your windows rolled up when not in your vehicle. Many car thefts are crimes of opportunity, so it’s best not to provide an easy target for any would-be assailants. It’s also a good idea to keep anything of value in your car out of sight, such as in the glove box, trunk, or under a seat. Better yet, avoid temptation altogether by taking valuables with you when you exit the vehicle. These simple steps will help prevent a break-in, which is the first step in many outright vehicle thefts.

Park in a well-lit area

Keeping your vehicle safe often comes down to where it is parked. If you leave your car unattended in a dark, unpopulated area, the chances that it will be stolen are greatly increased. Keep potential thieves away by parking your car in a well-lit location in an area with plenty of bystanders, such as close to a streetlight or storefront. Car jackers will think twice before attempting to steal a vehicle in plain view of the public.

Employ a steering wheel lock

Steering wheel locks are a popular and effective tool for preventing car theft. Placed over the vehicle’s steering wheel, these devices lock in place and prevent the wheel from being turned while in use. Just the sight of one of these locks is usually enough to deter car thieves. The inconvenience of disabling one of these devices is more than most criminals will care to deal with, which helps to keep your vehicle safe from theft.

Install an anti-theft device

Perhaps the best way to prevent the theft of your vehicle is a built-in alarm system. While many cars come factory-equipped with security alarms, these systems can be installed on most vehicles in the secondary market. The loud sound emitted by a car alarm is usually enough to send any attacker scrambling. For thieves with any common sense, the risk of stealing a vehicle equipped with an alarm simply isn’t worth it.

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