Push Bar and Emergency Locks Service

push bar lock

Push bar  and panic bar systems devices mostly used for emergency doors such as commercial properties, restaurants, hospitals, offices, and warehouses.
In any event of fire much as other emergency reason, the push bar system makes it easy to operate by children or handicap  friendly mechanisms.
Moreover, Our expert locksmiths  familiar with all types of this locks style.
Not only emergency lock but alarm system as well, Detex push bar with built-in alarm keep you protected.
We carry with our trucks replacement parts, keys and supply, what helps us to resolve any problem fast and promptly. Use by original parts effect your warranty valid up to 5 years .
Call Dublin Mobile Locksmith today for a free quote and get your property secure with top
best locks brand with qualified install as well.


Detex Alarm Locks Service

Detex locks inquired by most business insurance and U.L listed associated. Mostly operated much less as alarm system what keeping you protect from outside as inside crimes and thefts. Business owner using more then one door find this device attractive by install Detex lock for each door. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any locks and keys needs and get a free quote today. We repair or replace locks for schools, offices buildings, commercial space and plaza stores.

Commercial Push Bar Dogging Key Supply

  • In face of unlock issue or having your original dogging key lost will recommend to having ahead extra key.
  • Each device that purchase came with only 1 original dogging key.
  • Extra key will not come in addition to new device and cost extra.

detex_push_bardogging key for push bar

Push Bar Door Locks
  • Push Bar Door Locks
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