Materials needed for making a key

To begin with, it is important to know the materials needed for making a key. Brass, steel, aluminium and iron to name the most common metals. It is also important to realize that these are soft metals in effect to make it easier to cut during the key-making process. On the negative side, breaking a metal key is easier than you may think. Prior misuse would fatigue the metal, thus breaking it.

How to Prevent Keys From Breaking

Lubricate Your Locks

Poorly lubricated locks wont turn without using significant force, and twisting it inside a lock places strain on the key. The repeated strain weakens the metal, and the inevitable future result is a sudden snapping in two.

Only Use Keys for Locking and Unlocking

Keys are some of the handiest objects around, and their convenience makes them an easy “go-to” tool for scraping, sawing and prying. However, it is best to resist the temptation to use keys for any purpose other than locking and unlocking; other uses will not only potentially bend keys or damage the teeth, it is likely that such misuse will weaken them and make breaking likely.

Periodically Replace Keys

Even the best-kept key is going to age and become more brittle as a result. That means you should periodically replace keys with new ones. That is why you should consult a professional locksmith who can cut new keys for you that are reliable and well-fitting.

Who to call for broken keys

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